Who Are We?

Elixirium ?

Elixirium is more than a training, coaching, and consulting services company. At our core, we are the architects of potential. We believe in nurturing growth, not merely through the provision of tailored L&D solutions but by crafting bespoke journeys of transformation.

Our commitment is to curate a holistic, turn-key solution that goes beyond a transactional service. We seek to cultivate an authentic partnership, one where your success becomes the testament of our lasting legacy. Our relationship with our clients isn't confined to contracts; it's built on shared aspirations and mutual triumphs.

We don't just support business owners; we co-pilot their journey to shape high-performing organizations. Our role is to act as catalysts, enabling individual talents to flourish by first fostering a robust mindset. Only then do we equip them with essential skills to become not just competent, but exceptional in their field.

Elixirium is not a destination, but a journey - one where we guide you to tap into your potential, unearthing the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Who is Frederic?

At the heart of my journey is a singular belief - 'Grow.' It's a simple word, yet a concept that forms the backbone of my 27-year professional journey. This principle has journeyed with me, a French global citizen, through different cultures and continents, from France to Mauritius, via the vast landscapes of Sub-Saharan Africa.

My roles may have varied as a Managing Director, Account Director, Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, and Mentor, but the essence remains unchanged: it's about fostering growth. Growth in my collaborators, in my clients, and in the international teams that I have been privileged to lead.

It's not just about cultivating growth in business metrics, but in the very individuals I work with. It is about inspiring self-belief and empowering them to reach their pinnacle of performance. This passion isn't simply a part of what I do; it's the compelling force that drives my every action, every single day.

In this pursuit, I have discovered that my role is more than a profession. It's a privilege, a duty, an opportunity to incite growth through coaching, leadership training, and mentoring. This belief in growth isn't merely a part of my journey, it's the very essence of it.

Frederic Sitruk