Your Professional Executive Coach

Elixirium is your privileged partner to break through and go beyond this glass ceiling, whether for yourself, for your team, in search of performance, cohesion, self-confidence, conflict management, stress management, etc…


More than 25 years of career in very high positions at the service of its employees, its customers by intervening as Leader, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator, Consultant and Trainer.

Coach Fred

Frederic is a Professional Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Mentor, Trainer and seasoned Consultant, specializing in Leadership with international clients mainly made up of Board members.

His experience & expertise to meet, together, meet both your individual and professional challenges.

Elixirium has chosen the following exceptional partners to optimize your personal and collective development over time.

ICQ Global

  • Understand how and why people think, communicate and behave differently
  • Creating a visibly diverse group is relatively easy, turning it into a successful team is difficult. The highest level of growth and performance occurs in a psychologically safe, motivated, and cognitively diverse environment. The measurement of these 3 invisible forces reveals at what stage of growth an organization is.

Elixirium turned to the only company capable of meeting these two challenges, namely ICQ Global.

Leadership InMotion

Elixirium leveraged Leadership In Motion to concretely empower you to build inclusive, high-performing teams by tackling complex issues to harness the power of cognitive diversity and motivation in a psychologically safe environment.

Positive Intelligence

After having myself experienced the Positive Intelligence program, it seemed obvious to me that it would be the ideal partner for the Mental Fitness program that I am offering you: vulgarization of the concepts, simple and yet powerful daily challenges, the tools, and at the end an impressive result !


The world is in motion as leaders and managers should be!

Our Offers

1. One-to-one Coaching

Your partner to bring you clarity, creativity, organization, complementary skills through personalized support.

2. Team Coaching

To facilitate interactions, improve efficiency and alignment of your team

3. Leadership in Motion

Leadership program to build long-lasting high performance teams

4. Mental Fitness

Experience immediate and sustained improvements in both your wellbeing and performance through Mental Fitness

5. Leadership Consulting

To ease leaders to reach their objectives by identifying & eradicating obstacles, adding complementary skils …