I have been a Coachee of Frederic's for the past 5 months and I cannot speak more highly of his coaching style. From the start of my coaching package with him I felt connected and in a safe place. I have been able to achieve certain results in goals that I set during our sessions thanks to his coaching style and his genuine desire to see someone achieve success. I encourage anyone that is interested in being coached to seek his services.      Ari

It all started with this quote: "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients." I was lucky enough to meet someone that will positively influence and give purpose to an ideology that i personally was afraid and reluctant to put forward. It took a couple of months to redefine and reshape our perceptions of leadership and orientating my colleagues and I our true Goal and Vision. If you’re looking to be coached and mentored by a leadership expert who will unequivocally wake up your full potential, Fred is that person. My only regret and probably yours would be not knowing him before. Thank you Fred!      Andrew


(Translated from french) 

A big thank you to Fred who brillantly coached our Production team during these few months. The global enrichment obtained is palpable and the words are not enough to describe professional fullness and the overall satisfaction obtained.

I highly recommend this program to all companies that aspire to implement leadership within their teams.

Fred is a coach passionate about his job and a pro who will surprise you positively with this leadership Awareness program.
For my part, I was immediately won over by the content and the original way of pushing us to surpass ourselves and "think out of the box". Each session allowed me to see things from different angles while each time having the option towards new perspectives.

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Frederic's coaching style is unique - custom, context-specific, and personal.
I have been pleasantly surprised with his mentoring and it helped me grow valuable skills how to work with difficult people in a professional environment. We were able to mutually establish a safe, trusted and confidential environment which fully enabled me to benefit tools, techniques and insights from Frederik.
I highly recommend him as a mentor & coach